I wish I was creative enough to figure out a proper description for this blog.

Welcome to the first post in my series of reverse engineering Pangya, a MMO golf game that ceased active development in 2016.

As I pretty much started out with barely any knowledge in reverse engineering in mid-2018, when this whole endeavor started, I also picked one of the simpler formats of Pangya to write a tool for first.


I don't think I mentioned it in my introductory-post for my Pangya reverse engineering series, but as the efforts on the PC MMO version of the game were ceased, there already was a mobile game in cooperation with NCsoft in the making. It was announced in 2014, there was a long silence until a release in 2017, one year after the development of PC was stopped.

Now, just before New Years, I see a message popping up in a Discord server centered around Pangya, which was...

Pangya Mobile is shutting down 7th February 2020

Well, oops.


This is going to be the first entry of a series of blog posts detailing my ongoing journey of reverse engineering parts of the video game “PangYa!” by Ntreev Soft.

The first post mainly is going to be an explanation of the core game and my motivation on why I'm doing all of this in the first place.


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